Basic Continuing Education Implantology Course

This multi-system Comprehensive Implantology Course is designed to guide dental practitioners to incorporate implant treatment safely and confidently into their practices. The course is designed to include the various aspects of implant treatment, from patient selection to treatment planning, surgical placement and prosthesis construction. Throughout the previous courses, alterations and improvements in the theoretical and clinical parts of the course have been performed in order to maximize the benefit and improve the skills of participants.

The course targets dental practitioners and those who have attended introductory courses but wish to update their knowledge and gain practical experience in this revolutionary branch of dentistry.

After completion of the course, participants should be able to confidently place and restore implants in their practices.

  • Course outline
  • Course topics
  • Certification
  • Benefits
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  • Course Outline

  • Lectures : mainly intended for practitioners who are already practicing dental implants. The course will take the practitioner all the way through advanced surgical and prosthetic cases both theoretically and practically.
  • Live Surgeries : Live step by step demonstration of implant placement in a patient will be performed. Live steps of prosthetically restoring the patient will also be performed.
  • Hands-On Training : In hands on training sessions the participant will be trained to perform:
    • Radiographic interpretation.
    • Ridge mapping procedures.
    • Surgical guide preparation.
    • Different types of flaps and suturing techniques.
    • Step by step implant placement in prepared bone specimens.
    • Different impression techniques.
    • Abutment selection and prosthesis construction (laboratory and clinical steps).

  • Clinical Training : Candidates are required to place at least one implant that will be provided by the course (included in the course fees). Implants will be placed and restored under supervision from the course team.
  • Course Topics

  • Introduction (History - Osseointegration – types of implants – component parts – macro/micro design).
  • Titanium (physical – Biomechanical aspect).
  • Treatment Planning (Implant team – Phases of implant treatment - Patient selection – implant selection – surgical and prosthetic considerations and limitations – problem solving – patient preparation).
  • Surgical procedures for implant placement (Pre-surgical patient preparation - Step by step procedures for implant placement – Immediate implant placement in freshly extracted sockets – Single stage VS two stage implant procedures - Bone grafting – Sinus elevation).
  • Single tooth implants (Treatment planning – patient selection – specific surgical considerations – emergence profile – esthetic considerations related to implant placement - prosthesis construction – Cement retained VS screw retained restorations).
  • Multiple tooth implants (Treatment planning – Patient selection - surgical considerations – Combining natural tooth to implant support - step by step prosthesis construction) Full arch fixed cement-retained / screw-retained restorations (Treatment planning – Patient selection – surgical considerations – prosthesis construction).
  • Implant Overdentures Implant Overdentures (Treatment planning – Patient selection - surgical considerations – prosthesis construction – Splinted VS un-splinted implants – Different attachment designs – Occlusal schemes).
  • Bone grafting – Guided Bone Regeneration – Sinus Elevation – Ridge splitting – Bone expansion - Soft tissue management.
  • Implant maintenance and follow-up.
  • Complications and failure of dental implants.
  • Immediate loading concept and planning.
  • Flapless implant placement.
  • Certification

    Participants will receive certificates accredited by :

  • Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).
  • Benefits

  • One free implant and abutment.
  • Hands-on training equipment will be provided by the course.
  • Materials and equipment for implant placement by the participant will be sponsored by the course.
  • Free coffee breaks in all course sessions.
  • Well prepared handouts including detailed course outline, valuable key articles, educational CD including videos of the surgical and prosthetic phases of implant treatment, implant catalogs.
  • One year membership of the ICOI at a specially reduced rate (optional upon request with additional fees).
  • Venue

    Lectures, hands-on, and clinical training sessions will be held in the Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University.

    For further information and reservation

    Dr. Mohamed Moataz Khamis