Implant Courses

The field of dental implants has become one of the most growing fields of dentistry. The demand for implants is increasing among patients because of the many advantages they provide over conventional prostheses.
It is nowadays essential to incorporate dental implants into private practices to improve the quality of service we provide to our patients.
For that purpose, two continuing education courses are available:

    Basic Course

  • A basic course: mainly intended to introduce practitioners to the field of dental implants. Throughout the comprehensive course, participants will experience the detailed steps of implant restorations (treatment planning, surgical and prosthetic) both theoretically and clinically. Practitioners should be able upon completion of the course to incorporate dental implants into their practices safely and confidently.
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  • Advanced Course

  • An advanced course: mainly intended for practitioners who are already practicing dental implants. The course will take the practitioner all the way through advanced surgical and prosthetic cases both theoretically and practically.

Please go through the detailed course outlines for both courses. We would be pleased to have you join one or both courses.